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Ancient Algorithms

CD - '15 Release
"Boureé Purée" "Never Enough Cake"

American Raga

BROTO'S TABLAS IN SPACE: When space tourist Dennis Tito paid $20 million to blast off into space with Russian cosmonauts,he took with him and played Broto's debut CD "American Raga" along with Bach and George Harrison. After hearing about this Broto said "Put me in the satellite - I don't ever want to come down!" Tito
All About Jazz (review)
"It is a delightful fusion of ancient Indian ragas and American Jazz."
"Sanctuary" "Sadhana"

Total Immersion
"Restless Traveler" "Total Immersion"

EMI AmRaga

SDR cover
"Jokon Phool (The Fading Flower of Youth)"

"Krishna's Garden"

"Raga Bhairavi"

Salvation Cover