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DUETS of magical sounds requiring only a small space for extraordinary concerts of Indian classical music.


Pennsylvania Avenue LIVE!, 9-13-17, Washington, DC
Ronald Reagan International Trade Center


Elmira College, NY USA


Ancient Algorithms Title cut from the CD "Ancient Algorithms"

In India, music pervades the entire life of man. Traditionally, ploughman and boatman have celebrated the rhythms in nature as they added harmony to their labor. Since the Vedic chants of 1500 B.C., this tradition has been refined as it was handed down, and crystallized into a system of Ragas and Rhythms. The raga is a melody mould, with a distinct mood, characterizing seasons, hours of the day, and archetypes human and divine. Indian rhythm is cyclical: it is based in repetition, but each repetition is varied ingeniously. The duo employs these elements to improvise in a complex interplay between their instruments.
Indrajit Roy Chowdhury studied sitar under sitar maestro Pandit Subroto Roy-Chowdhury.
Broto Roy studied tabla in Kolkatta, India and is an EMI-India artist with seven recordings.
The duo is firmly committed to one musical language and one common musical expression; exploring and explaining the Indian Classical system which is the second largest system after the western one. In their careers they have crossed the boundaries between jazz and fusion, giving "seamless and often entrancing" performances. (The Washington Post.)
PERFORMANCES Artist in residence - Innsbruck, Austria; New Orleans, LA; Symphony Space, New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; Library of Congress' Coolidge Auditorium; 5 Smithsonian Folklife festivals; Performed with the Dallas Opera at their Winspear Opera House, May 2017; Kennedy Center, Washington, DC; National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY; Museum Dahlem, Germany; Picasso Museum, Paris; Dartmouth University, Mass.; Stuttgart, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Toronto - Metro Convention Center and many, many others.