"Admirable and timely" - Theodore Levin, Aga Khan Foundation

The Ensemble proposes a series of 50 two hour concerts and workshops conducted during visits to Muslim community centers, schools, colleges, mosques or other gathering places throughout the US. The concerts and discussions would first be of the highest quality classical music from the Muslim world (especially the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India) sung by renowned vocalist Humayun Khan, followed by an east-west fusion repertoire with original compositions by fusioneer extraordinaire Broto Roy, where western instruments such as guitar, piano and American music are showcased. Also, round table discussions after the concerts would target the younger members of the communities - those in the 16 - 45 year old range. The goal of this proposal is to fund a project whose objective is prevention of radicalization through cultural outreach and discussion throughout the US and the world. It is the intention of this endeavor to create bridges, not walls, between the much beleaguered Muslim minority and the larger populace. This Ensemble will perform music which is representative of a diverse America, using multiculturalism as an identity and evidenced by the members being a Moslem vocalist Humayun Khan, a Hindu drummer Broto Roy, a Jewish keyboard player (Harry Appelman), a Christian bassist (Scott Ambush), a Japanese American drummer (Leland Nakamura), a Catholic guitarist (Paul Bollenback) and an African American horn player (Marshall Keys).

We in the ensemble are proud to be American citizens who have served the DC, Maryland and Virginia communities for the last 3 decades. We consider ourselves blessed to live in the greatest country in the world with freedoms provided by the constitution, bill of rights and the law. We believe in the American dream and want to do our part to shape this democracy so that our children and grandchildren can live in a secure America, trying to make peace - which is difficult - within the world. With our multiculturalism and diversity, soft diplomacy is the method by which we will build bridges. With adequate funding and support, acceptance will come.

The musical authority demonstrated from the stage will be the opening positive message. We understand the different contexts and realize how vital it is to spread the message of tolerance and love especially in these times of high unemployment because despair and homelessness breed antisocial behavior and extremism. Sometimes this culture is biased towards force rather than cultivation through art and culture. Many provisions of the US Patriot Act threaten privacy and our freedoms of speech, association and religion, due process and equality but we were told that we have to give up some of our rights in order to be safe. It is our belief is that the only way to conquer extremism is through art and culture and music.
We deeply thank you for your consideration.
Upcoming shows: Dubai - March 2016 Turkey - April 2016 Toronto - 2017 Stay tuned for a list of US shows.
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BUDGET: Concert Fees - $7,000 per concert